5 reasons your startups should adopt DevOps

Reasons for adopting DevOps for your startup

So, what are the best practices of DevOps? Why should you adopt it? And how do you get started implementing it? Let’s look at some of them.

Reason 1 – Your team has the best developers, but an application deployment takes three times longer than it’s supposed to take.

If it takes a long time for the feedback to reach the developer, it’s very likely that your developer has moved on to coding the next feature. Therefore, the context of the previous feature is not as fresh as it would have been if the feedback was sent quicker. When the very success of your new company relies on getting new code into production, anything that slows down “code delivery day” is unacceptable.

Reason 2 – You end up doing a lot of tedious manual steps.

Lack of automated scripts that take care of your repeatable tasks calls for tedious manual steps that are way more faulty given the involvement of the human element. This deprives you of sleep.

Reason 3 – You have ideas booming among the team, but the practicality of the idea demotivates you.

Your team and you are full of creative and innovative ideas. But what about factors like cost, time and resource allocation that bring you down every time you think of a new idea?  Not having a DevOps approach in place is prepping you to see the light of your organization’s doomsday.

Reason 4 – You feel your Developers and Operations spend more time finger-pointing than actually working.

There’s a whole lot of finger-pointing and blame-game going on within your teams. No one wants to take the responsibility. You are not really sure who caused the issue in the first place. This makes you miss your business goal time and again and deliverable date slip.

Reason 5 – You are terrified at the thought of hiring new developers.

Irrespective of the size of your organization, you constantly face the issue of a lack of documentation. You let go of one of your current employees or he quits your firm for another job. What if the same employee was responsible for major developments and has failed to document his work appropriately?

It’s going to be a disaster for the new employee hired to replace him.

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